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About Artisan Remodeling

Artisan Remodeling’s mission is to provide clients with a delightful remodeling experience with regard to both the process and the finished product.


Artisan Remodeling, Inc. was founded in 2005 by Dale Nichols, CR, CKBR, to provide first class remodeling services to those who want genuine quality and satisfaction and to carry on the tradition that he started with Summit Builders in 1993.

After having recently graduated from the University of Oregon, Daleís son entered the picture in 2006 to create a second generation family business that thrives on success and the satisfaction of their clients. 2006 has meant many changes to the business. The company has increased its level of commitment in the community by becoming involved with the Rocklin Area Chamber of Commerce. Also Artisan has spent more time with NARI, volunteering to promote the organization and to better inform the public of the importance of remodeling with a professional. The addition of the website has been another big step forward for the company.

Artisan Remodeling also believes in continuing education as an integral part of the company culture. Artisanís staff is kept current on the latest products and techniques and regularly attends informational meetings. This knowledge caries over to our clients who recognize the level of professionalism in the management and final product of our jobs. Artisan sees the future of remodeling to be a time when people begin to call their house their home and remodel for lifestyle and comfort.


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