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Green Remodeling - What does it mean to "Go Green"?

Green remodeling is the latest trend in the building industry. Artisan Remodeling, Inc. has been for years doing its part every day by recycling cardboard and wood products along with anything else we can salvage. We also use low VOC products and energy efficient materials and encourage others to do so too. But we feel it is very important for our clients to become self educated about green products and what it is people are trying to sell you. There are many truths and many fallacies that surround green products, and green building.


Artisan Remodeling is one of the first to be on their way to being fully green certified. As we progress and learn more about the truths and myths we will be constantly updating you on our findings through our website so that we will become your number one resource when you have a question. In the meantime we encourage you to explore what it truly means to go “green” before you give into somebody trying to sell you something you really might not need. And if you have any questions, call us.




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